About the Mobile Service

There is no need to find Equilibry, Equilibry will find you!

Covering the whole of the Lothian region as a fully mobile and on-site therapy service it is possible to enjoy all the benefits of massage from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Advantages to booking a mobile massage service

  • time constraints – zero travel and parking time
  • for those living outside of Edinburgh, no need to make a special journey
  • enjoy the deep sense of relaxation induced by massage without having to “wake up” in order to return home
  • sense of personal comfort being able to relax in oneĀ“s own home
  • convenience for those with a young family – once the children are safely tucked up in bed enjoy the benefits of an evening massage treatment
  • book an appointment to coincide with the finishing of a training session or run

Requirements for setting up the equipment

All that is required is a clear area in order to place the massage table and space to to move freely around. A length of around three meters and breadth of two meters will be sufficient. All the necessary equipment, including towels, oils etc will be provided. When making a booking please allow for a 15 minute margin either end of the massage in order to set up and pack away the equipment.