WaveStone® Massage

The gradual introduction of heat into the muscle tissue encourages blood flow to the region.  Simultaneously this calms the nervous system.  By allowing the massage to ease its way deep into the muscle tissue it thus reduces the propensity of the pain receptors of the body to engage a defensive reaction.

Traditionally hot stone treatments used the application of basalt volcanic stones. However The Wavestone® has been specifically designed with Sports Massage treatments in mind. The smooth curves of the stone contour ergonomically over the muscle tissue providing a deeply relaxing and very effective massage. The WaveStone can therefore facilitate the therapist to treat muscles that are contracted, fatigued and tender returning them to a healthier, more responsive and elastic state.

WaveStone® Massage can benefit you by

  • relaxing muscle tissue
  • opening up the blood vessels
  • aiding circulation
  • calming the central nervous system
  • treating joint problems
  • inducing a deep meditative sense of relaxation
  • treating tender areas that are yet too sensitive for manual massage with the non invasive gentle and relaxing properties of the hot stones