Swedish Holistic Massage

swedish massageSwedish Holistic Massage or Therapeutic Massage is ideal for easing muscle tension while reducing the effects of stress.  Named Swedish simply because the techniques were developed by Swedish doctor Pier Henrik Ling in the 1700´s.  They comprise of long smooth strokes in order to improve the circulation, kneading and friction techniques in order to break down tension together with tapping  – brisk rhythmic percussion to stimulate the nervous system. They are all designed to flow in the same direction of the blood flow thus aiding the circulation without putting any pressure upon the heart.


Swedish Holistic Massage can benefit you by

  • promoting blood flow by stimulating the circulation
  • increasing oxygen levels in the blood vitalizing the body
  • releasing toxins from the muscle tissue
  • stimulating and cleansing the skin
  • both soothing and when necessary stimulating the nervous system
  • reducing the effects of stress, both physical and mental