Acupressure Massage


acupresure massageSeated Acupressure Massage is ideal for unwinding from daily stresses and desk posture aches while also improving concentration and focus.

The application of pressure over tight and restricted muscles can stimulate blood flow and free up stubborn, concentrated points of tension.  Employing mobilisation and stretching techniques can further improve the freedom of movement of the joints. The intent of is one of invigoration and stimulation and the whole upper body can be massaged in 20 minutes.  As these techniques can also all be employed over clothing it makes this therapy the prefect option for office workers and those with limited time.

  • inducing a sense of calm while re-awakening the senses
  • alleviating postural tensions, aches and pains
  • releasing natural painkillers boosting the immune system
  • balancing neural activity between the left and right hemispheres improving clarity, accuracy and alertness of the mind